Join the TourDash Reseller program

If you want to join TourDash and you’re a Google Trusted Photographer, Agency or Reseller you can sign up and register using your public email that is visible on the Google Maps Business View website.

Simply visit the TourDash registration page and use your email to get started with TourDash today!.

How can I learn more?

TourDash is really excited to meet new Google Trusted Photographers and Agencies that are intersted in the program. A good start would be to check out some of the TourDash examples.

You can also navigate through our support page in order to familiarise yourself with TourDash. Last but not least, you can take a look at the currently implemented features of TourDash.

Are there any requirements?
  • You need to be a Google Trusted Photographer, Reseller or Agency