Tour of the Week | Week 20

TourDash Tour of the Week | Week 20

We proudly present you this week tour of the week. Our attention was drawn to a tour that makes each room in the tour vividly through a hotspot which contains both image and text in order to describe the space. This tour allows students from all over the UK & Overseas to orient remotely and contact CODE if interested. The tour is only a few weeks online but already there is an increase in the average visit time of the website!

Read about the CODE Student Accomodation case study

Visit the ‘CODE Student Accomodation’ TourDash Tour

TourDash Reseller Spotlight


Chris JonesLeicesterPhoto LTD

In May 2012 Chris Jones was approached by Google and trained to supply Google Maps Business View into businesses and venues.
After a very successful 2012 and With continued expansion, LeicesterPhoto became incorporated in March 2013.

If you’re located in the Leicestershire area and you want to work with a Top Performing Google Trusted Photographer, contact Chris Jones!

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  1. Aan February 17, 2016 | Reply
    - Such a great space and the lighting is dineve. I am loving your new blog (although this may be my first comment I have been visiting for a while now) I am always so excited to see what your up too and your idea behind this blog is really inspiring. :)

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