Make Your Tour Alive

Make Your Tour Alive

Create beautiful interactive 3D tours

Create beautiful interactive 3D tours

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What is TourDash

TourDash is the fastest and simplest way to enrich the experience of a virtual tour with additional information in order to strongly increase the value of the virtual tour for the business owner.

What is TourDash
Essential features for a great tour


Turn a good tour in a great tour with these features

Advanced Navigation

Enable Advanced Navigation to display the best locations in your virtual tour through a single click.

Boundary Hotspots

Boundary Hotspots are ‘smart’ hotspots that display your information whenever a visitor is looking at a specific area and requires no user interaction.

Dynamic Hotspots

Unlike its brother the Dynamic Hotspots require user interaction to display their contents. A user should click on a pre-defined area.

Tour Analytics

Tour Analytics allows you to finally figure out what your return on investment is through your virtual tour.

Easy publishing

No more hassle with code, with TourDash you can publish your virtual tour to Facebook with a single click. It allows for size customisation that you can use regardless of whether you’re programmer.

CSS Customization

You can edit CSS code for your virtual tour that gives you almost endless customisation opportunities.

Do you need some custom-made functionality for your tour?

Tour Example

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