’s back! TourDash Tour of the Week

It’s back! TourDash Tour of the Week

TourDash Tour of the Week was on hiatus for the past couple of weeks but we’re back with a new series of TourDash tour of the Week! However, from this point on we’ll be referring to this event as TourDash Tour Discovery! If you have any tours you’d like to submit please send them to We’re always keeping an eye out for Tours but if you’re particularly proud of a tour, share it with us!

Starting us off with the first TourDash Tour Discovery is the United Colors of Benetton.

United Colors of Benetton TourDash

The tour features a great minimalistic implementation that allows users to navigate through the environment via advanced navigation. At the same time they give you the opportunity to not only read about what the United Colors of Benetton stand for but also purchase some of their items.

If you want to create your own virtual tour using TourDash, register at Remember that you can only register as a TourDash reseller if you are an official Google Trusted Photographer or Agency.

Again, want your own tour submitted? Send us your tours at!

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My role revolves around identifying market opportunities and defining the product vision and strategy. The current focus is on enhancing TourDash and understanding our customer needs. Day to day activities range from engaging with the engineering team so that I can determine technical implementation methods to making sure that we're well ahead of our 'reasonable' schedule.

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  1. Biztour Virtual Tours December 1, 2014 | Reply
    Hows this for next weeks tour? This is The Roundhouse, London venue famous for hosting concerts, events and rewards including the massive iTunes Festival.. Recently shot by ourselves at Biztour Virtual Tours

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