Are you still in doubt whether your business needs a Google virtual tour? We prepared three interesting facts for you. Who knows, it might help you make a right decision.
1. Your Google virtual tour will appear not only in Google Maps, but also it will be shown in organic Google search and on your Google+ Local page. With four access points to your virtual tour (organic search, Google+, Google Maps, Pegman) you have much more opportunities to be seen by your target audience.
2. Google virtual tour with TourDash addons embedded to your website makes visitors be three times longer on the webpage with the tour. So compelling use of virtual technology will keep visitors on your site, but furthermore it will keep them coming back. As you know it really improves the behavioral factor of your website, which in its turn have a good influence on ranking.
3. People like to share interesting websites and pages. So if your virtual tour is really exiting be sure you will have a lot of sharings in social media. And this is very positive factor for promotion of your website in Google and of your business in general. TourDash offers a bunch of effective features that can make your tour viral in social networks.
Higher Google positions will help you attract more daily traffic on your website. Obviously, every visitor is a potential customer.