Invite customers inside
Your clients are using Google Streetview Trusted to engage customers. Enhancing their business’ presence across Google powered by Street View technology.
Interact with your customers and let them act!
In combination with TourDash the strong visual aspects of a Google Streetview Trusted tour gives any company a powerful marketing tool on the businesses website.
TourDash enriches the Google Streetview Trusted with content and smart links; the virtual tour now is an added value to the website of the businesses. Turn passive virtual tours into active ones and let the entrepreneurs start extracting value from their virtual tour.
More advantages of creating, using and embedding TourDash on your clients website are:
+ Ensuring a great first impression
+ Zooming in on the finer details
+ Fantastic entertainment value
+ Virtual tours are effective
With TourDash, you get to give your current and prospective customers of your client an interactive image of your clients business. Visual marketing is fun, entertaining, and cost effective. Most importantly it helps customers in their online orientation and online shopping; What you see is what you get.
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