Next week, starting at the 15th of September until the 26th of September, we want you to use TourDash to target and focus on Hotels. Luckily for everyone there are a lot of Google Maps Business View Examples for Hotels. This means that you can move forward with TourDash for both your existing clients and your potential new clients.

Hotel Villa Ruimzicht

Sales Arguments

Don’t enter a sales meeting unprepared, use these sales arguments to convince the client!

  1. Google Maps Business View for Hotels consist out of multiple single tours. Use TourDash to connect all of your tours togethers and implement our advanced navigation to quickly jump through the tour.
  2. Looking at a hotel room or suite is great but leaves the users with all kind of questions. Supply suite information and answer your visitors questions before they even arise.
  3. Send your visitors straight to booking from within your virtual tour using TourDash.

Google Hangout

Join TourDash for a Hangout if you want to discuss and further explore the idea of using TourDash for Hotels.

Get Started!

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