Hello everybody! Today is the time for our regular column – TourDash tour of the month. As usually we’ve carefully investigated all the tours made during the last four weeks. And we are happy to present you the winner: Westminster Abbey Tour!
Westminster Abbey is the main shrine of the British nation. A remarkable example of early English Gothic architecture, Westminster Abbey was established more than a thousand years ago. It is a traditional place of coronation, burial for English monarchs and royal weddings.
Westminster Abbey is not only a place of worship, but also a real treasure. There are masterpieces of painting, monumental and decorative arts, amazing fabrics, tapestries and rare beauty of church utensils. Recognizable silhouette of the Abbey, with two towers and numerous openwork arches, its magnificent stained-glass windows and ornate interiors have always attracted tourists. As a result Westminster Abbey became one of the most visited attractions in the world.
Now we all can walk there sitting in front of the computer! The virtual tour includes a lot of interesting hotspots with modern and historical photos and videos and even podcast.
Enjoy watching this amazing virtual tour!

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=”https://live.tourdash.com/embed/288c78f74cd343ed8a1ea8fedea7adcd”]Watch Westminster Abbey Tour[/button]

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=”http://strikingplaces.com/tours/westminster-abbey-virtual-tour/”]Westminster Abbey Official Tour Page[/button]


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