A new week: a new Tour of the Week!
An industry that is highly suitable to use TourDash is the hospitality industry.
If a consumer/guest is looking for a nice restaurant or cafe it is not just the menu or drinks that are of interest; the guest also want to sit in a nice surrounding with a fine atmosphere.
A smart business owner shows his restaurant or café using TourDash. By doing this the online guest, who is looking for a table that night, already can ‘taste’ the atmosphere of the establishment and is also able to make a reservation or to view today’s menu.
Stadscafé De Spaarbank in Tilburg (The Netherlands) is using TourDash since January 2014 and it helps them in their online marketing strategy to tempt the online visitor to visit De Spaarbank for a drink or a meal.

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=”http://www.stadscafedespaarbank.nl/index.php/de-spaarbank-in-360o”]Visit the ‘De Spaarbank’ TourDash Tour[/button]