TourDash for your business; combine video with virtual tour

TourDash for your business; combine video with virtual tour

We can all agree that starting a business and using online tools can be quite a hassle. Having images, videos and a tour available online for your customers is key to communicate your business to your customers.

In an earlier news article we spoke about uploading pictures to the tour with ease, using TourDash. The same can be said for business videos or commercials. Not only can you show off your business through a virtual tour, but you can even show your online visitors videos, such as: product videos, business films and even commercials.

You can show these at any time using TourDash! By simply adding information fields (hotspots) you can add videos by using their Video Embed Code, simply copy and paste it into the Insert Video option of the TourDash Editor. What are you waiting for? Go try it for yourselves!

TourDash with a Video

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Roswell Balentien

My role revolves around identifying market opportunities and defining the product vision and strategy. The current focus is on enhancing TourDash and understanding our customer needs. Day to day activities range from engaging with the engineering team so that I can determine technical implementation methods to making sure that we're well ahead of our 'reasonable' schedule.

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  1. Dennis Johansen March 7, 2016 | Reply
    What about other embedded content than YouTube/Vimeo or pictures ? Can I embed a hosted html or php file ?
    • Elena Shapka March 7, 2016 | Reply
      You can embed any content using iframe, the only restriction is that the content must be served with HTTPS protocol, because TourDash use HTTPS.
  2. Marilia February 8, 2018 | Reply
    Hello, It's possible to put music in the all tour? Or only in the hotspot? Thanks!
    • Elena Shapka February 25, 2018 | Reply
      Hello! It's possible only in the hotspot for now.

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