Hello everybody! In this post we’ve collected all the best Google Street View galleries with plenty of amazing virtual tours of absolutely different world places. Most of the panoramas are just breathtaking! Enjoy it!
1. UNESCO World Heritage
A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as being of special cultural or physical significance. Visit the wonders of world, the greatest buildings and nature places of different countries.
01_UNESCO World Heritage
2. Remote Islands of the World
View the worlds most remote and isolated islands. The collection includes islands of the Chagos Marine Reserve (Indian Ocean), La Martinique (Carribbean), Pitcairns (Pacific), the Papahaumokuakea Marine National Monument (Pacific) and plenty of others.
02_Remote Islands of the World
3. Animals and Wildlife
Enjoy these images of animals in their natural habitats around the world.
03_Animals and Wildlife
4. Oceans
Inconceivable submarine world collection of all the oceans of this planet. Play with Sea Lions, spy on small exotic fish, swim with dolphins and feel the energy of the main force of the Earth – oceans.
5. The World’s Highest Peaks
The collection of World’s Highest Peaks maps multiple bases along the Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in Africa. Other features include Mount Elbrus in Russia, and the Buddhist Tengboche Monastery nestled in the Sagarmatha National Park.
05_The World
6. Ski Resorts and Slopes
Find yourself going down from the mountain skiing and watch marvelous winter landscapes.
06_Ski Resorts and Slopes
7. Art Project
Art Project is a collection of art installations and exhibits throughout the world covering modern art to street art. Notable collections include those encased within the White House to the opulent designs of the Palace of Versailles. Awesome experience for art lovers!
07_Art Project
8. Government Buildings and Residences
Virtually visit and explore the grandeur and history of legislative buildings and official residences from around the world.
08_Government Buildings and Residences
9. University Campuses
Want to know how the best universities of the world look like? Watch where students of different counties study.
09_University Campuses
10. TV Studios and Sets
Explore famous television studios and sets from around the world on Street View.
10_TV Studios and Sets