License information in tour editor

Hello there! There is a small update in a TourDash editor. Now you can see what type of license you need for your tour according to the used functionality. There is a block with license information on a “Home” tab. The information is being updated in real time, so you can be aware about the necessary license for the demo tour you are working on.

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Merry Christmas! And results of the year

Hello there! 2017 is coming to an end and we’ve decided  to summarize briefly the main events we’ve had this year.
The most significant for TourDash there was of course the ownership transfer. As you know as of October 2017, TourDash has been lead by its Chief Technical Officer, Alex Minakov. Since then the app and all contracts have been serviced by TourDash OU, with the main office in Estonia. For those who want some more information we have written a great post about TourDash where you can find a lot of facts about the company.
This year we’ve implemented add-on system in tours and changed a little bit tour settings in a TourDash editor. Also we have made a CSS-panel accessible for every user.
We have prepared several useful materials for our users such as 10 awesome virtual tour tips and TourDash for event. You can return to these posts any time you need such information. There is much more information in our blog.
And of course we’ve described numerous amounts of your awesome virtual tours! 12 of them were distinguished and titled as ‘TourDash tour of the month’. We really enjoy to work on this monthly project and award the best tours. Every time it’s an intrigue for us and we carefully investigate all the tours to find the one.
As a Christmas present we have decided to gift all the winners with a personal 50% discount for any license they choose. One license for one winner tour. We’ve already contacted all the victors. Congratulations, guys!!! Well done!
As we’ve already mentioned starting from the 1st of January all the licenses will rise in price. You can buy as many licenses as you want for the existing prices till the end of December and use them next year. 
Untitled-design (6)
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for this year! For all your tours, feedback, questions, and all the impact you made! Thanks for working with us! It was a great year and let’s make the next one even more awesome!
For any questions and suggestions you can always write us to

TourDash Black Friday sale

Hello there!!! We’re absolutely exited to anounce a black friday sale which is going to be the first massive sale TourDash has ever had! From the 20th till the 26th of November all the licenses will cost 30% less! There is no special code or anything. Just go to our online store as usual and buy with the new Black Friday prices.

By the way starting from the 1st of January 2018 licenses prises will rise. So now you have a great oportunity to create a stock of licenses with unprecedented price for future tours. This is the only sale we’re going to have for at least a year. So plan to work with TourDash, ’cause this is just a perfect time to buy licenses in advance and save your budget.

For any questions please contact us at

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If you are a business owner and you want to create an advanced interactive virtual tour for your business, using the TourDash features and functionality, you can find a trusted TourDash reseller in your area by using this list.

CSS-panel is now accessible for every user

Hi guys! We have a small but really nice news! Starting today you don’t need to ask some special access to use a CSS-panel. From now on the CSS-panel in TourDash editor is accessible for everybody.
Advanced HTML and CSS editing gives you unlimited opportunities of your TourDash tour customization! You can use custom colors and fonts, insert a logo into a navigation menu, create a borderless designed hotspot for embedded video, merge several images into a dynamic carousel and much more. You can implement almost any decoration idea in your tour. Good luck with that and we are waiting for your new awesome tours! 🙂
Bt the way, we’ve collected all the technical hot issues into one helpful TourDash technical digest!  Just click and check it out! 

Top 3 FAQs to the TourDash support. PART 3

Hello everybody! In this post we answer your most frequently asked questions to our support team for the last few months.

This is the third part of Top FAQs to the TourDash support posts. You can also read:

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Top 1. Why can’t I assign a demo tour to a client even though he has a free license?

It looks like you have external locations (it’s when you click “Add another tour” in the Navigation menu editor) in your tour. Adding external locations is called “Multi Tour” in TourDash and this feature is only available for Platinum licenses. We are going to update the Tour Editor to make this statement more clear to resellers, because we had quiet a lot of questions about this.
If you already have a free (or assigned to your client) Gold license, we can upgrade it to Platinum. You need to purchase one more Gold license and assign to your client, then send a message to We will convert two Gold licenses into a Platinum for you.

Top 2. What if I have a client who does not need a TourDash tour any more? Can I use the license assigned to that tour for another tour/client?

Yes, you can do this. First, you need to remove the TourDash tour. You can do this from your clients page in your TourDash panel. After that the license will become free and you can use it for a new tour for the same client. If you want to use this license for another client, please send us a message to and we will return the license back to your resellers account. Then you will be able to assign it to another client. 
P.S. Soon you will be able to get the license back to your account using TourDash interface. Stay tuned!

Top 3. How to customize my tour?

If you want to insert a logo to a navigation menu, change tour colors, fonts, etc, please read the TourDash technical digest! We’ve collected all the technical hot issues into one helpful digest. Just click and check it out! 

If you still have any enquiries after reading the post please feel free to write us to Also we will be happy to get your feedback about most difficult technical moments during TourDash using.

And of course don’t forget to check our Support Page, we update information there regularly. There are over 50 articles, instructions and tutorials about all aspects of TourDash use. If you think that we need to include some more information to this section, please let us know!

About TourDash

Hello there!
It’s more than 4 years we’ve been developing our product and our company. There are a lot of new users coming every month and now we have a pretty nice and involved TourDash community. So we decided to finally introduce ourselves and open a little bit a door to the backstage. In this post we write a small story about the TourDash creation, tour statistics, famous clients and our plans.

History and team

Once upon a time in the distant 2013 a great idea came to the Rosswel who was living in a beautiful country named Netherlands. He was a Google Trusted Photographer himself. He came up with a project which could enhance Google Maps Business View virtual tour by offering options for:

  • better navigation;
  • adding information to visual aspects;
  • adding promotions and actions;
  • integrating videos, photos and other webpages (reservation system or online shop);
  • learning about the visitors behavior.

The very first prototype was done by one programmer. It was simple but contained all the basis functionality like navigation menu, boundary and dynamic hotspots.
After the successful testing of the prototype the intense project development started as well as the search for investors. For that period of time the idea was fresh and topical and attracted a lot of attention. From the lack of competitors TourDash became very popular among Google Trusted Photographers.
Development of the final version took almost 6 months and by the end of 2013 the first sales to resellers were done. In the spring of 2014 the development of TourDash 2.0 began. By the summer 2015 the interface was updated, the mobile version and multi-tours were added as well as some more features. Last year there wasn’t much of the development of the project, although, we did make several upgrades such as add-on system.
There is a great team behind of the project. Passionate developers led by Alex Minakov and beautiful marketing team headed by Elena Shapka.
As of October 2017, TourDash will be continued by its Chief Technical Officer, Alex Minakov. Alex has been on board since the very beginning and has been working on the app since the first prototype. After the successful launch of the TourDash app four years ago he became CTO of TourDash BV. As a result of the transfer of ownership, the app and all contracts will be serviced by TourDash OU, the company of Alex seated in the EU country Estonia.
Demo Tours Promo

Tour statistics and famous clients

To this day more than 6500 TourDash tours have been created in total. Of them about 4300 demo tours and more than 2000 paid ones. The most frequently used feature in TourDash tours is Advanced Navigation.
The most famous clients we provide tours for are:
Westminster Abbey, Crowland Abbey, United Colors of Benetton, Mark and spencer, Topman, Hilton, Royal Caribbean, United Airlines, London City Airport, Oxford Brookes University, Clifton College, College of North West London, Indiana State Museum, Barkerville Historic Town, Hertford Castle and others.
The most popular companies’ areas which use TourDash are hotels, restaurants and shops. But also there a lot of tours for automobile salons, sport centers, museums, photo studios, nightclubs, campings, botanical gardens, schools and kindergartens, different kind of medical clinics, markets, libraries, casinos, banks, aqua parks, different productions, pharmacies, workspaces, theaters, funeral companies, boats, radio stations, different agencies and centers and even the whole towns. And this is not the exhaustive list. So if you are still not sure about whether you need a virtual 3d tour or not you can get inspired right now!
Concerning our users, 2129 resellers from 16 different countries have registered in TourDash since 2014. The biggest amount of users we have are from the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain.
TourDash-online buying


We have ambitious plans for the new updates. So we consider TourDash 3.0 will have:

  • Google Maps publishing tours;
  • VR support;
  • mobile version refresh and upgrade;
  • mutli-language content;
  • interactive navigation maps;
  • standalone tours (published tours without uploading to Google Maps);
  • API for developers (create your own plugins and extend TourDash functionality).

The new functionality is coming soon. Keep in mind that the more active resellers we have the faster we grow. So tell your friends and colleagues about us. Share what TourDash is. We are glad to have such a great community and hope you like us too. 🙂
Thank you all for being with us!

TourDash licenses discounts

Hey TourDashers! How are you doing? We’ve suddenly realized you might don’t know about TourDash licenses discount system! We haven’t updated this information for a while so for those who is new here and for those who has a lot of clients we write this post!
This is a great offer for agencies or resellers working with a big scope of tours:

  • 10% discount when buying more than 25 licenses simultaneously
  • 25% discount when buying more than 50 licenses simultaneously

Also if you need more hotspots than our standard packages contains we can offer you personal licenses and tariffs. Please write us on and we will quickly suggest you appropriate options.
Have a good day and leave your comments to this post!

5 reasons to use a Table Booking in your tour

Hello there! Last month we launched a fundamentally new TourDash functionality - Table Booking.
Today we want to summarize the most valuable marketing advantages of using Table Booking inside the virtual tour. We are sure you can get more clients with this feature.
1. Quick and simple reservation. Do you know what an impulse purchase is? People are exploring your place with the help of 3D tour, they become more and more interested in visiting your restaurant, they look at different tables imagine them sitting there and having fun. All the emotions and feelings playing this moment prompt to reserve a table right away. The willing will not be ruined by extra time for searching contact information, making a call, etc.
2. New space for marketing actions. You can suggest a discount or complementary drink for those who reserve a table through a virtual tour.
3. Better service. Guests of your restaurant or cafe can choose exact table according to their picture of a perfect lunch or dinner. They will not be disappointed with a place when they come. You definitely match their expectations.
4. Helping you customers. Do you still use only phone reservation model? Researches tell that a lot of people are afraid of calling. Not everybody got used to this type of personal communication. Using of modern technologies such as online table booking could be way much easier for a great segment of your target audience.
5. Image strengthening. In general using such new informational technology makes you different from your competitors. Present your visitors this fun experience! It will work on your promotion through word-of-mouth.

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=””]Get Table Booking add-ones here[/button]

Find the detailed instructions on how to inject a table booking to your tour on our Support Page.

We will be announcing new available add-ons as they are implemented. New great add-ons will come soon!

Some of you have already started to use our Table Booking add-on in tours. We will be happy if you share your experience with TourDash community!
For any questions please contact our support team at

TourDash new era: add-on system in tours

Hello there! We are extremely happy to announce a new era of TourDash: add-on system! We’ve been working on this for a while and finaly are ready to present this great functionality!
From now on you can add new features to your tour. The first available add-on is a Table Booking. With its help you can provide a system of table bookings in your restaurant/cafe/etc right inside the tour. No need to go to your website. The notification of the booking will be sent to your email. It’s a great marketing tool which significantly enriches a tour value.
You can buy add-ons in a TourDash store. The fee for the add-on is only paid once. One purchased add-on can be used for one tour.
Find the detailed instructions on how to inject a table booking to your tour on our Support Page.
We will be announcing new available add-ons as they are implemented. New great add-ons will come soon!
For any questions please contact our support team at
How do you find this huge TourDash improvement? 🙂

TourDash for event

Hello there!
Have you ever seen a virtual tour of an event? We’ve got used to the possibility to have an online visit to shops, restaurants, hotels etc. But what about events? Isn’t it a huge marketing instrument to promote a festival, conference, concert, performance or any other occasion?
I’m sure it is. Let me show you a great example of such tour – Kendal Calling Festival.

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=”″]Watch Kendal Calling Festival Tour[/button]

At least, an event virtual tour can be an amazing reinforcement for the promo website. At most, it’s a self-sufficient selling channel. There are plenty of opportunities to show an event area, photos and videos from the previous one, connect social media. Also there are interactive ways to present program, speakers, participants and sponsors. A virtual tour for an event can really reach a target audience by immersion into the atmosphere and helps to conduct an awesome event.
What is your opinion on this? Share your thoughts and experience!