More and more small businesses see the marketing opportunities TourDash offers and make use of it. TourDash combines the positive aspects of a virtual tour with various marketing capabilities. Existing channels are directly accessible in a TourDash virtual tour for visitors.
In 3 steps TourDash facilitates the marketing and sales:
1. Provide small amounts of information at the right time;
2. This short information messages offer the opportunity towards further information (website or brochure);
3. Opportunities to provide sales
TourDash is an Omni-marketing application that enables businesses to add direct marketing and sales information into their Google Maps Business View.
When customers look at a specific item additional information can be displayed to reinforce the tour impression. Now you have got the customers attention and you can force your customers to action; pay a visit to your store, orientate and order online or provide additional information.
Other online channels are bundled and linked to from TourDash. You need to think about web-shops, bookings, event calendars or brochures.
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