Nowadays you can buy almost anything online. Music, clothes, books, and even groceries are delivered to the door. You just need to come off the couch to take the packets.
Bad news for entrepreneurs who offer their products in the traditional way. Customers who previously went out to go to their local store now remain behind their laptop to order online elsewhere.
Do they?
Internet offers new opportunities
The Internet as a sales channel offers the retail new opportunities. It provides among other for more contact. Internet can also provide an important boost to traditional (offline) sales. Especially when retailers are able to tune the online and offline sales on each other. That means creating synergies between the channels; cross-channel commerce!
Purchase independent of time and place
buying purely online has had its days. Customers are in their buying process (from deciding to purchasing) not completely online. Cross-channel shopping, where you combine online with offline shopping, is the future. Customers no longer think only channels. They buy what they need, where and when it best suits them, independent of time and place. Consumers are now buying a brand, rather than a channel.
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Changes at a high rate
How people shop and the way that they do is changing rapidly. Where once both the orientation and the sale itself took place in the shop today, the consumer has the possibility to orientate online and possibly to go on direct to purchase: We cannot ignore the fact that today’s consumer is increasingly connected to the Internet.
Online interaction
Experience is important. After all emotion does buy. It remains a challenge to provide the online customer with the experience of the shop. What makes your store unique? Why do people come to you or your place? What mood do you put in your store? If images could tell your store’ story in an interactive and qualitative way, then those pictures are worth a thousand words.
TourDash brings offline marketing to online interaction with your clients. TourDash, where clicks meet bricks!
TourDash is currently for your online customers the best option to experience the atmosphere of your shop. Offer you online customers the same experience in order to attract them to visit your store! By means of our advanced navigation menu customers are guided through the tour and our hotspots provided them interactive information about your location or products and services.
With TourDash you can direct your online customers from the virtual tour to your webshop or other specific parts of your website. Orientation was never so easy. The hotspotboxes can contain content in the form of text, photo or video. You can combine your website, webshop and social media at once, so you as a business owner have a more powerful marketing to your customers.
In short, TourDash enables the modern consumer to orientate online, before he decides to come with you to consume.