It’s practically a cliche, but most businesses still choose to describe their company and products with words, instead of showing their business. Keeping in mind that the average page visit of the internet user lasts a little less than a minute, there is less to tell about your business. Luckily there is an answer to the question: “How do I extend my online visitor’s time on a webpage?”. So you can communicate everything needed to persuade them; by showing it!

“Capture and engage your audience”, that’s the key to success in 2014. With TourDash you not only show your business, to make it more appealing, it also allows you to interact with the visitor. While profiting from the online visitor’s focus, you can show everything. Your location, your products and your company- and contact information in an effective and unique way. This way you can gain several minutes of user attention, which is considerable and valuable time to make the difference in turning an online visitor into a customer.

So to stand out in the overcrowded online world, where time is a rare commodity, you need to be creative and efficacious to make the difference. TourDash provides you with the tool to do so. See how this success seeker already uses TourDash for the business.

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