Hello, TourDash community! Today we are happy to announce a new era of Google Photo Spheres use in TourDash tours!
A Google Photo Sphere itself is basically a panorama photo that is viewable as a 360-degree image. Users can enjoy them by swiping around to determine the directionality of the view. Any person in the world can create his own Photo Sphere and contribute it to Google Street View to share with all Google Maps users.
Google Photo Spheres is a great opportunity to add some interesting external location to your virtual tour. In this case you can show your online visitors the panorama of the street area which is situated outside of your company. It is becoming very important for those businesses that have outside points such as veranda, terrace, roof-cafe, etc.
Currently TourDash has an experimental support of Google Photo Spheres. The current stable version of Google Maps API does not give us full possibilities to work with photospheres, that has been created after September 2015. But, we were able to solve this problem, and now you can use any photospheres in your TourDash tour, no matter when this photosphere has been created.
On our support page you can find an instruction about how to add Google Photo Sphere to your TourDash tour.

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=”https://support.tourdash.com/hc/en-us/articles/218343907-Does-TourDash-support-Google-Photo-Spheres-“]Read an instruction[/button]