It’s been a while but we’ve finally gathered enough material to surprise you with a blog post. Since our initial beta launch well over 3 months ago we’ve made a lot of improvements to TourDash as well as adding some new features. But let’s be honest, our primary goal was to rid ourselves of bugs which I am happy to say we’ve successfully managed to do.
TourDash is out of beta, we’ve still not fully launched but not for any technical reasons. Right now we’re focusing on better understanding our current resellers and not to forget, our future resellers, all of you.

TourDash and supported languages & applicants

As it stands we have a long list of applicants interested in selling TourDash. We’re going to start giving more and more resellers access to TourDash but we want you to keep in mind that at the moment we are only capable of offering TourDash to English speakers. There are no country restrictions, as long as you have no problem with the English language. Whether this is the case, we’ll let you be the judge of that.
With this we are not saying that we will not support other languages but the biggest factor to take into account is that whilst we could translate support documents or even the application, we can not respond to your support questions in languages other than English.

TourDash, the future

So we’ve got a great looking future ahead of us and with this closing chapter beta I would like to share with you some of the improvements we have in mind for the future of TourDash.

  • TourDash Mobile Interface
  • Currently we’re developing a complete stand-alone mobile interface for anyone viewing TourDash. But rather than trying to quickly summarise what this is all about, we’ll be giving you a look into the development of the TourDash Mobile Interface through its own blog post, stay tuned!

  • Hotspot Templates
  • Creative freedom is very important to us but we completely understand that some people have different areas of expertise and are quite content with pre-defined design standards. In order to accomodate everyone we’ll be introduce a new way of creating hotspots that will allow you to add custom completely styled feature-rich hotspots with just a couple of clicks.

  • Guided tours
  • Define a path within your virtual tour that will automatically be ‘walked’, show off hotspots containing text and videos and key moments or have audo playing to make it a complete package.

The future looks very promising, I can assure you that I’m very excited and I hope all of you are too. As always, you can email us regarding any pre-sales questions you might have at and we’ll respond to the best of our abilities.
Roswell Balentien & Team TourDash

  1. Hi Rosswell, my compliment for the targets you are quickly reaching. As a google trusted photographer i am really interested to enrich my sale strenght, as the business view alone has demontrated many flaws and weakness, in the Italian market, where internet is used a lot for silly wasting time behaviors, and less for active growing of small business. As you know there is an italian competitor and of course I will support these guys, but the analytics is a real plus i am intersted to offer to my customers. I wait for your updating in the program. Happy easter

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