We offer an absolutely transparent licensing system. One license is for one tour with one-time payment. There is no monthly or yearly subscription for the possibility to use an advanced functionality in 3D tours.

You just buy a license in our online store and then you can set up any price for TourDash functionality and your work to your client. We are not regulating it in any way. There are three types of licenses with a range of prices depending on the set of available features: silver, gold and platinum.

If you need more hotspots than our standard packages contains we can offer you personal licenses and tariffs.

Special offer

We have a special discount for newcomers. All the licenses cost 20% less during one week after the registration. So resellers can buy as many different licenses as they want with 20% off starting from the registration day. To get a discount please write to our support team to support@tourdash.com.