Hello everybody! This week we want to share with you some useful technical information. This small feature will help you to make your TourDash tour more good-looking and attractive for your visitors.
Some of you have asked us about setting up a logo inside the navigation menu. This is a really simple process. Just follow this 5 steps!
Step 1 – prepare a logotype image. It should be saved in PNG format with transparent background.
Step 2 – upload logo to your TourDash account. Navigate to live.tourdash.com/assets, upload the image and copy it’s direct url by right-clicking the uploaded image and choosing “Copy link address”.
Step 3 – open your tour editor and navigate to the CSS editor. Please write to support@tourdash.com to get an access to the CSS panel if you don’t have one.
Step 4 – modify our snippet, place link to the logo from Step 2, adjust padding.

Step 5 – Save your tour and enjoy! 🙂