Hello Tourdashers! It has been a while since the last time we published some technical posts. In today’s post we explain how to merge several images into a dynamic carousel. This functionality can be useful in many areas – real estate and hotels, restaurants and shops, etc.
To edit TourDash tour CSS-styles, you should have access to the CSS panel. It’s located on a “Labs” editor tab. If you don’t see such tab, please, write a request to support@tourdash.com and we will include this functionality to your account.
To see an example of such carousel in TourDash tour
First of all upload images you want to use in a dynamic carousel. All the pictures should be the same size, otherwise the carousel may look crooked.
Next, create a hotspot and use the following snippet as a basis for your code:

If you want to get the carousel without white borders (as in an example), use the following snippet for your CSS styles. To add it go to the “Labs” panel.

For any question please contact us! 🙂

  1. Is there any way to add arrows to the carousel? I need to put about 10 pics at the carousel and there are no arrows to silde.

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