Hello there! A very important information about TourDash demo tours terms and conditions is presented in this post. Please pay your attention to avoid unintended consequences because of violation.
As you all know, demo tours are not meant for usage on customers’ websites. They are are only meant for usage on resellers’ websites to show the possibilities to their customers.
We have noticed that in some cases resellers have placed demo tours on multiple clients’ websites for long period of time. This clearly is not what demo versions are intended for.
Starting June 15th, all demo tours published not on your own website will show a banner with the following information: “Demo Version For Non Commercial Use Only”. It will of course still allow your customers to see many advantages of TourDash. Please make sure your own website is mentioned in your profile, otherwise demo’s published on your own website will show this message as well.
We believe you understand this measure and are confident it will not influence the positive effect of demo tours on your business.
For all questions please write to support@tourdash.com. Thank you!