Good news for all Google Maps Business View Photographers, Agencies and Resellers! You can start with TourDash today! Simply head on over to our TourDash Reseller Program page or visit the registration page directly at
We’ve made the application process a lot quicker asking only for the bare essentials. Once you feel you’re comfortable with all the amazing features that TourDash has to offer you can go ahead fill out the rest of your profile information and purchase your first license.
If you’ve used the old information form we will send you an invitation today!
TourDash makes great effort in ensuring that you have a complete platform available so that you can offer TourDash to all of your existing and new Google Maps Business View clients. In the same manner we listen to all of your questions, suggestions and even complaints! If you want to voice any of the aforementioned simply email us at, even if it’s just to say hi and show your appreciation!
The team here at TourDash is looking forward to seeing your creative work! We’re always looking out for examples such as DIY-Kitchens that was awarded the first TourDash Tour of the week. Think you can make something just as good? We would love to see it!
One last friendly reminder when you’re going to register for TourDash, please remember that you can only do this using the email for which you are publicly known on the Google Maps Business View website.

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