For a couple of years now, organizations have been profiling themselves through social media. Think Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, five of the biggest online tools around for reaching customers. Have we gotten to the point where Google Maps Business View makes social media obsolete? We don’t think so. At TourDash we believe in synergy, by linking your online marketing tools together.

By making use of our boundary hotspot feature in TourDash, the business owner can decide whether or not to engage his/her customer and in doing so offer them targeted information. Not only can you offer them targeted information, you can also entice them to do things from within your virtual tour. Like connecting to social media, such as:

  • Having them visit Facebook and like the business page
  • Visit the company’s Google+ page and connect to it
  • Connect via LinkedIn by sending them to the company page
  • Visit YouTube channel to watch videos
  • Follow you on Twitter by linking them to the account

TourDash ensures the virtual tour can be linked to social media. Opening the lines of communication once more.

TourDash Social Media

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