During the New York City Restaurant Week of 2013, statistics showed that visitors who used Google Maps Business View to experience a restaurant online, were 50 percent more likely to reserve a table. Which is a whopping 20 percent more compared to the restaurants without Google Maps Business View.

That is great and all, but how does TourDash fit in here? Using TourDash allows you to easily lead the online visitor from within the tour to actually making a reservation at your establishment.

Either by phone, via e-mail or contact form, TourDash uses and combines existing channels in the manner the owner of the establishment sees fit.

“How nice would it be to walk through a hotel and be able to book a room or reserve a table at your favorite restaurant?”

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? TourDash makes sure your accommodation, be it a pub, cafe, restaurant, hotel, motel, bed & breakfast or even a vacation home, gets the attention it deserves.


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