As you all know, two months ago we introduced our New Business Model, changing from subscription based periodic license fees to one-off payments at substantial lower fees. All with the goal of enabling you to offer better propositions to your clients and reducing your administrative handling to a minimum.
It looks you like our changes! In the first two months a total number of 124 of our resellers have made it possible for 271 clients to present their store, shop, location, etc. using TourDash! We have welcomed 61 new resellers, so our new business model also attracts new Google TIP’s.
Furthermore we have worked and continue to work on our support desk. We are satisfied with the increase in response time but will keep on working on improving it, making sure you and your clients get the best service possible.
For the coming period, we will focus on what new features we want to create so if you guys have any suggestions, please email them to
Thanks for your trust; you guys rock!
Since summer is all over Europe at the moment, let’s also bring the sun inside your home with this stunning flower tour!
Arena Flowers

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