TourDash provides great added value to all companies of all sizes! Direct gain; TourDash increases the duration of website visits up to an average of above 3 minutes. In comparison to a ‘regular’ page visit, this is an improvement of more than 200%. The extra time spent on the business owner’s website gives a window of opportunity to entice, compel and engage visitors on buying.
TourDash integrates:
1. Google Maps Business View tour; a great representative online visual of the company
2. Information directly added inside the virtual tour on the company’s website
3. Effective links from tour to other e-commerce possibilities
TourDash combines the positive aspects of a virtual tour with various marketing capabilities. Existing e-commerce features and information sources are directly accessible for visitors in a TourDash virtual tour. Other online channels are bundled and linked by TourDash. E.g. web-shops, bookings, event calendars or brochures. Sell from within your TourDash tour!
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