TourDash Platinum licenses will now have the ability to add an unrestricted amount of virtual tours into a single tour. This will allow you to create a large tour using several smaller tours. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with Hotels since they consist out a number of small tours.
Adding multiple tours to a single TourDash tour can be done through the advanced navigation feature.

  1. Add a tour to TourDash
  2. Create a navigation item to identify the primary tour
  3. Use the drop-down and select ‘Add another tour’

You are still limited to the amount of hotspots in your license. If you feel like you need more hotspots. Please contact
TourDash Multi-Tour is only available to Platinum licenses. If you have previously purchased a platinum license you will also have access to this update in your tour. Multi-Tour only works through adding a direct URL to the tour, do not paste your iFrame code, simply input the tour URL as if you were sharing it with someone.
For any questions related to the TourDash Multi-Tour Feature or for support with TourDash; Please contact

  1. Thank you Roswell and Tourdash Team for this amazing feature!!!
    This helps to sell tourdash easy for clients such as Schools, Multi Venue spaces sprawling across areas, chain stores, Hotels, Retirement villages and many more!
    Here is a quick demo I did for one of my client
    Before we quoted 6 silver licences and they said NO…
    Now with 1 platinum licence client is totally sold!
    Showing multiple businesses within a building is amazing value to a client. They can just embed this tour into their website rather than 45 or more seperate tours.
    Giving this under platinum licence is also super good… Keep up the great work guys!!!

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