Hello there! We are extremely happy to announce a new era of TourDash: add-on system! We’ve been working on this for a while and finaly are ready to present this great functionality!
From now on you can add new features to your tour. The first available add-on is a Table Booking. With its help you can provide a system of table bookings in your restaurant/cafe/etc right inside the tour. No need to go to your website. The notification of the booking will be sent to your email. It’s a great marketing tool which significantly enriches a tour value.
You can buy add-ons in a TourDash store. The fee for the add-on is only paid once. One purchased add-on can be used for one tour.
Find the detailed instructions on how to inject a table booking to your tour on our Support Page.
We will be announcing new available add-ons as they are implemented. New great add-ons will come soon!
For any questions please contact our support team at support@tourdash.com.
How do you find this huge TourDash improvement? 🙂

  1. Is there any way to change the “text” to my language?
    Is there any options to add more than one email (my client’s email) to be sent when the client click to submit the booking?

  2. Hi Mateus,
    Yes, it’s possible to change the text. Please send us an email to support@tourdash.com and we will help you with it. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to send notifications to more than one email at the moment, but we can definitely add this functionality.

  3. You can change the text if you know a little HTML in .
    But I think it is very important several things:
    You can add a different email than the one my client has in your live.tourdash account.
    The client receives a copy of the email.
    The customer in that email can cancel the appointment by pressing a button, sending an email to the restaurant automatically.
    Let the name of the hotspot appear as one more field in the restaurant’s email. In this way the restaurant can know the table or area that the client prefers.
    And very important: there is a checkbox to accept the privacy policies. taking a link to the restaurant’s website.
    it would be ideal for the date and time to be a calendar and possible times.

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