Hello everyone! We have a couple of great news for you!

Google Maps API Upgrade

We have upgraded TourDash to the latest version of Google Maps API. Google has introduced a lot of new features and significantly improved the quality of panorama rendering in this version. Here are some of the improvements:

Smoother Transitions

Transitions from one point to another in Street View now include more animation frames, creating the effect of gliding smoothly to the next location. Transitions in the old renderer looked like jumping from one location to another.

Old renderer New renderer

Smoother Loading Animations

The old renderer repeats images while loading new content, resulting in a stuttering effect. The new renderer uses lower resolution imagery while loading, resulting in a smoother animation when rotating an image in Street View.

Old renderer New renderer

Object modeling improvements

Objects in Street View look better in the new renderer because it builds a 360-degree model that considers all possible perspectives. For example, this high rise building has wavy lines in the old renderer, as opposed to crisp lines in the new renderer.

Old renderer New renderer

Full support of Google Photospheres


As you now, we had a limited support for Google Photospheres before. You could use photosphere but the only way was to add them as an external location to an already existing TourDash tour. We have updated our application, so now you can create TourDash tours starting from Google Photospheres without any restrictions!
Stay tuned and read our blog, more updates are coming this year!

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