The minute Google launched Google My Business, small business owners, marketing media managers and marketers are profiting from Google’s integration of all their tools onto one platform. The functionality of the applications hasn’t changed, but the added value comes from easy access to analytics, profiles, listings and reviews. Also it gives you access to relevant information you want to know about your business’ online performance. Google My Business brings with it the launch of Google Business View, combine this with TourDash for a brand new outstanding marketing tool for every marketer’s media arsenal.

Why Do I Need TourDash?

Visual stimuli are easier to process by humans as we spoke of in a related story, discussing how virtual content adds to your online marketing. Now why would a business need TourDash? We believe that guiding your online visitors through your tour is the way to go. You wouldn’t have someone visit you without giving them directions, would you? Same difference, but online.

How do I get TourDash?

First and foremost you will need a Google Maps Business View which you can get by simply contacting a Google Trusted Photographer. By the same means you can get Tourdash, as it is a Google Approved product. Simply find your Trusted Reseller.

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