Good morning everybody! How is it going? Today we want to share with you our statistics for all 2,5 years of TourDash existance. It was interesting to collect data and look at the dynamics. Please pay attention that 2016 is still going, so the stats of this year isn’t full for now.
Let’s start from the tours:
TourDash Tours Stats-1
So, during all this time in total 5212 Tourdash tours were created: 3655 Demo and 1560 Paid ones. The number of demo tours is going down, but paid tours are growing. That’s exciting! The most using feature in Tourdash tours is Advanced Navigation.
Some numbers about TourDash resellers:
Resellers registered-1
In total 2129 resellers are registered in TourDash since 2014. This is more then 2 new resellers every day. That is great! We are glad to work with everybody! 🙂
And at last here are top 16 countries from were resellers have registered. We could use data only from fully filled profiles, though. If you haven’t specify your country, we don’t count you here.
That is all for now! What else is interesting for you for the next statistics post?

  1. Elena Thanks for sharing!
    In we performed 2.44% of TourDash worldwide. And 22.15% of Spain.
    Gracias Elena por compartir!
    En hemos realizado el 2.44% de los TourDash a nivel mundial. Y el 22,15% de España.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these informations.
    And I hope Tour Dash just grow even more and keep increasing features for us to sell more tour dash tours!

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