Hello there! Today is the time for our regular column – TourDash tour of the month. As usually we’ve carefully investigated all the tours made during the last four weeks. And we are happy to present you the winner: Senator Barcelona Spa Hotel Tour!
The most exciting part of the tour is multi-language hotspots which are designed in a nice, simple and comfortable way for users. Also hotel booking is possible directly from the hotspots. That’s been thought through perfectly! And the last advantage is corporate colors and logo in the navigation menu. This tour is done very well!
Enjoy watching it!
[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=”https://live.tourdash.com/embed/b244c28d98754d96a89b8f373a5e5601″]Watch Senator Barcelona Spa Hotel Tour[/button]

We’re always keeping an eye out for the tours to find the most elaborated and interesting tour of the month. Although, if you’re particularly proud of a tour, share it with us! If you have any tours you’d like to submit please send them to support@tourdash.com. If it wins we will show it in our blog and social media next month.

Thank you for working with TourDash! See you soon!

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  1. Hi, i like the june tour! how can i add the logo to the navigation? looks good!

    1. Hi, Steven! Thanks a lot for your question! Next week we will publish a post about inserting a logo in the navigation window. Stay tuned! 🙂

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