Hello there! We have some awesome news for TourDash users! We have received a lot of questions about mobile capability of our tours and especially about customizing some mobile tours elements. So we finally implemented this feature. Now you are able to change the following properties of the first mobile screen which appears before the actual tour: button “Tap to view the virtual tour” color, font color and screen layout. We hope it helps to make your tours more attractive!
Let’s look at some print screens. This is how old button and first mobile screen look like:
You can change the button on the “Embed” page in a new “Mobile” tab:
Also instead of white background in old version you can set a preview for your tour which will be shown on a mobile screen under the button. All you need to do is to check “Show tour preview in mobile version” check box. In mobile preview your tour starting position will be shown:
Then final mobile screen will look like this:
Important note! After you have made all the changes copy the new embed-code and embed it to your website.
New mobile opportunities are already available. Go ahead and try it out!

  1. This is great news, thank you!
    When a user clicks the tour I want it to open in a new window rather than leaving my site. Can you confirm what I need to add?
    Should I add;-
    I can’t seem to get it to work.

  2. Ideally you can also change the text. Or let me choose whether the button or the tour appears directly.

    1. Hi Ezequie,
      The ability to change the text will be released very soon. (During the next week). Stay tuned!

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