Hello there! Last month we launched a fundamentally new TourDash functionality - Table Booking.
Today we want to summarize the most valuable marketing advantages of using Table Booking inside the virtual tour. We are sure you can get more clients with this feature.
1. Quick and simple reservation. Do you know what an impulse purchase is? People are exploring your place with the help of 3D tour, they become more and more interested in visiting your restaurant, they look at different tables imagine them sitting there and having fun. All the emotions and feelings playing this moment prompt to reserve a table right away. The willing will not be ruined by extra time for searching contact information, making a call, etc.
2. New space for marketing actions. You can suggest a discount or complementary drink for those who reserve a table through a virtual tour.
3. Better service. Guests of your restaurant or cafe can choose exact table according to their picture of a perfect lunch or dinner. They will not be disappointed with a place when they come. You definitely match their expectations.
4. Helping you customers. Do you still use only phone reservation model? Researches tell that a lot of people are afraid of calling. Not everybody got used to this type of personal communication. Using of modern technologies such as online table booking could be way much easier for a great segment of your target audience.
5. Image strengthening. In general using such new informational technology makes you different from your competitors. Present your visitors this fun experience! It will work on your promotion through word-of-mouth.

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”btn-default” link=”https://live.tourdash.com/store”]Get Table Booking add-ones here[/button]

Find the detailed instructions on how to inject a table booking to your tour on our Support Page.

We will be announcing new available add-ons as they are implemented. New great add-ons will come soon!

Some of you have already started to use our Table Booking add-on in tours. We will be happy if you share your experience with TourDash community!
For any questions please contact our support team at support@tourdash.com.