Boundary Hotspots were not the first feature created for TourDash but none the less it is one of my personal favorites. The idea behind a boundary hotspot was to have a ‘smart’ hotspot, a hotspot that would appear based on where a user was looking within the virtual tour.
In order to create this effect we allow the person editing the tour to specify and set boundaries within a panorama. Whenever a user is navigating within the boundaries that have been set, they will be shown the hotspot, the boundary hotspot. It’s that simple.
In the earlier version of TourDash we required users to complete 7 steps before they could get started with their hotspots. With the release of TourDash 2.0 we brought that number down to 1, with a single click you can start editing hotspots.
What boundary hotspots allow you to achieve within the Google Maps Business View virtual tour is a seamless integration of your marketing efforts that does not disrupt the experience of the visitor.
A great example of a business that has mastered the art of boundary hotspots is our ‘TourDash Tour of the week’-virtual tour, the CODE Student Accommodation. This tour was created by our very own TourDash Reseller, Chris Jones.

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So if you’re looking to utilize hotspots just like Chris and CODE Student Accommodation, sign up and register for TourDash. Offer your clients the exclusive ability to integrate hotspots within their virtual tours via the only official Google Partner, TourDash.