Hello everybody! A couple of weeks ago we asked you to participate in our small spring survey. Thank you all for taking part! We are very glad to see your opinion and analyze our work. We want to share results of the research with you and answer some questions that were asked in the last part of the pull. We hope our comments will make everything clear!
Guys, what you are reading right now is our blog! 🙂 So yeah, we do have a blog!


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Popular responses and our comments

  1. Many of you have asked us about the possibility of Whitelabel. It is not indicated on our website (it’s our fault, we will add this information), but we provide whitelabel solutions for our customers. If you are interested, please email us request to support@tourdash.com with your requirements and we will send you a proposal for possible solutions.
  2. VR – this word appeared in many comments. Currently TourDash does not support VR-headsets, but we understand that VR is a trend today and we’re planning to explore the possibility for integration of VR in TourDash and possibly release VR beta functionality during the coming months.
  3. We’ve received a lot of notes about TourDash support. At the moment the average response time of technical support does not exceed 24 hours, and we are constantly improving our working process. Please email us to support@tourdash.com for any of your questions and we will help you as soon as possible.

Thank you all again for your answers! Keep in touch!
P.S. From the 15th of June, as it was said in the previous post, we show a banner for all demo tours, which are located not on resellers’ websites.