Hello everybody! This is the second part of our post where we answer your most frequently asked questions to our support team. If you still have any enquiries after reading the letter please feel free to write us to support@tourdash.com. The first part you can also read in our blog.
And of course don’t forget to check our Support Page, we update information there regularly. If you think that we need to include some more information to this section, please let us know!

Top 1. Can a demo tour be converted to a real virtual tour?

The ”Assign to a client” option (under “Actions” on the “Demo Tours” page in your reseller account) lets you assign a Demo Tour to a client and a license, therefore converting it to a real virtual tour.
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Top 2. How can I publish a demo tour?

Within the Demo Tours page of your reseller account you have the ability to create an unlimited amount of Demo Tours and embed them on your own website or on the demo page.
Please note: Demo Tours can only be published on the website that you have given us when setting up your reseller profile! Publishing on other websites or Facebook is not possible for a Demo Tour.
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Top 3. How can I update my existing TourDash tour with new panoramas?

If you completely reshoot an existing Google Street View tour (or just add some extra panoramas to it) and publish it on Google, you will have to create a new TourDash tour for your updated panoramas from scratch.
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Top 4. Where is the virtual tour equipped with TourDash available?

Since TourDash is not integrated into the Google Maps servers a virtual tour equipped with TourDash is only visible by using the iFrame code by which the TourDash tour can be exported to a client’s website, Facebook page or blog. As a result the additional elements of the tour created with TourDash are not visible when viewed directly from the Google places or Google Maps pages.
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Top 5. How to publish TourDash tour on Facebook?

We have a built-in option to publish your virtual tour on Facebook. Once you’ve clicked on “Embed tour”, a new page appears. In the lower left corner there is a blue “Publish to Facebook” button.
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