Hello everybody! In this post we answer your most frequently asked questions to our support team. This information has been sent to all TourDash members in our regular newsletter. But if by any chance you missed it, here are full answers. If you still have any enquiries after reading the post please feel free to write us to support@tourdash.com.
Also we will be happy to get your feedback about most difficult technical moments during tours creation in TourDash. Write your questions here in comments or to support@tourdash.com.
And of course don’t forget to check our Support Page, we update information there regularly. There are over 50 articles, instructions and tutorials about all aspects of TourDash use. If you think that we need to include some more information to this section, please let us know!

Top 1. Can my client edit the TourDash tour by himself?

After you assign a tour to your client, a client receives a TD email with an activation link. By clicking that link he activates his account and creates the password. Then he can access the TD interface and edit his tour.
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Top 2. Does my TourDash license expire and should I pay any recurring fees?

TourDash tour licenses are valid for one year and they are being prolonged automatically every year without any additional recurring fees and charges. You only have to pay once for your license during the purchase process.
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Top 3. If I open the page with TD tour embedded on my mobile phone, I don’t see the tour. I only see the blue “Click to see the tour” button. Why?

This button is required for the mobile version of the tour and it was done for better user experience. Not all websites provide a good mobile versions and when you are looking at iframe with TourDash it can be very small, or large or require scrolling, etc. To eliminate this we show a button which will open the tour in another page/tab with fullscreen view.
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Top 4. What is multi-tour feature in Platinum license?

TourDash Multi-Tour allows you to create a large tour using several smaller tours. Adding multiple tours to a single TourDash tour can be done through the advanced navigation feature. TourDash Platinum licenses have the ability to add an unrestricted amount of virtual tours into a single tour.
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Top 5. Can I edit the CSS stylesheets for my tour?

The CSS-editing capabilities is a feature for advanced users and it can be enabled for your account by request. You should send an email to support@tourdash.com with a request for enabling the CSS panel and don’t forget to mention your TourDash login. We will do the rest.