In a related article we spoke about having the opportunity to reserve at your favorite establishment from within the virtual tour, using TourDash. Did you know that this is not the only thing TourDash can do for your establishment? No? Well that’s great, let us inform you on what else you can do with TourDash!

“Can’t wait to see what the restaurant has for dinner? You won’t have to, just click on the menu on the table to see what’s for dinner!”

TourDash for Brasserie Zédel
TourDash for Brasserie Zédel

One of TourDash’s great features allow you to personalize each object in your tour using dynamic hotspots. Basically what you create is an information field specifically for an object. You might wonder if it is difficult to make, but no, its very easy. Simply by connecting the dots over a menu card within your tour, you can make it an interactive point of interest that links to your restaurant’s menu either on your own homepage or the online PDF version of your menu. So, what’s for dinner?

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