Hello, there! How are you doing? Today we want to discuss with you new tendencies of online marketing in the world this year. All of you work with online businesses, so we consider this article will be useful and informative for you. Let us know what you think about development and changing of digital marketing during last years. Let’s begin!

1. Of course, responsiveness

There is nothing new in an idea of websites responsive design. But this year responsiveness is becoming not just eligible and showing that you are keeping up with the times. It is absolutely necessary for everybody who don’t want to loose a half of potential profit. Common statistics says that 45 percent of all internet users most of the time use mobile devises to get online and find sought-for information! Just imagine what a huge part of your audience you will never rich if you don’t have user-friendly mobile version of your website.
More and more online business owners develop responsiveness, but still only small percent of all websites in the USA and Europe have comfortable mobile version.
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2. Modern web design and high speed

The era of ancient primitive websites is finally ending! The way that your website is designed and how quickly it is being loaded plays a key factor in whether the visitor stays on it. As old sites get redesigned in 2016 we can see a shift from just providing content that is useful to providing content that is useful, visually attractive, and quick to load on the end user’s screen (no matter the device). Also speed of a website loading is one the of the most important factors that influence Google ranking.
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3. SEO and content marketing

Search Engine Optimization isn’t dead, it’s growing up. Search engines algorithms become more advanced and they are constantly able to filter what content is trying to game the system and what is genuinely useful for the end user. It means that in 2016 SEO will continue its shift to content marketing. So the best way to get good positions in Google is to write high quality contents and be really useful for your audience. Getting to the first page of Google search is still a very big step for your online business.
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4. New era of old email marketing

Email is quite possibly the oldest form of digital interaction. It may seem like an outdated model and not as flashy as social media or SEO. However, a recent email testing reveals that email marketing is extremely effective way to provide online sales!  Email marketing is constantly developing and today it is very technological communication channel, which allows you to bring useful and interesting information directly to the customers mailboxes. Nowadays for some business niches email gives much more engagement than social media and even a website!
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5. Video content is the future

Since 2015 YouTube has been continuing to dominate the web. Video proved that it is a key player as a content type. Long form content, such as blogging, will always have its place as a content marketing medium, but video is able to engage users at a much higher rate. In fact, studies have shown that visitors stay on a webpage at list for two minutes longer if there is a video on it.
Moreover video is easy to share across platforms. But video marketing isn’t all about going viral, as people think. There are many different ways you can effectively use video to drive awareness, engagement, and sales – through landing page videos, product demos, audience updates, etc.
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6. Actually, this is all about more interactivity

Interactive content takes your digital marketing and online business to the next level. It works because of engaging the users in some unique experience with your content, making it more personal. In 2016 we can see more interactive content through the form of video (such as 360-degree video), virtual reality, and advertisements that are more two-way between the company and their target audience. In this point Google virtual tour with TourDash addons seems to be a very effective marketing channel for your business.
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What other digital marketing trends do you know? What do you think about online business development?

  1. Cool post! Certainly responsiveness and web design are very important, especially when so many mobile devices are used every day. Same goes for email marketing.

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