Hello everybody! In this post we answer your most frequently asked questions to our support team for the last few months.

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Top 1. Why can’t I assign a demo tour to a client even though he has a free license?

It looks like you have external locations (it’s when you click “Add another tour” in the Navigation menu editor) in your tour. Adding external locations is called “Multi Tour” in TourDash and this feature is only available for Platinum licenses. We are going to update the Tour Editor to make this statement more clear to resellers, because we had quiet a lot of questions about this.
If you already have a free (or assigned to your client) Gold license, we can upgrade it to Platinum. You need to purchase one more Gold license and assign to your client, then send a message to support@tourdash.com. We will convert two Gold licenses into a Platinum for you.

Top 2. What if I have a client who does not need a TourDash tour any more? Can I use the license assigned to that tour for another tour/client?

Yes, you can do this. First, you need to remove the TourDash tour. You can do this from your clients page in your TourDash panel. After that the license will become free and you can use it for a new tour for the same client. If you want to use this license for another client, please send us a message to support@tourdash.com and we will return the license back to your resellers account. Then you will be able to assign it to another client. 
P.S. Soon you will be able to get the license back to your account using TourDash interface. Stay tuned!

Top 3. How to customize my tour?

If you want to insert a logo to a navigation menu, change tour colors, fonts, etc, please read the TourDash technical digest! We’ve collected all the technical hot issues into one helpful digest. Just click and check it out! 

If you still have any enquiries after reading the post please feel free to write us to support@tourdash.com. Also we will be happy to get your feedback about most difficult technical moments during TourDash using.

And of course don’t forget to check our Support Page, we update information there regularly. There are over 50 articles, instructions and tutorials about all aspects of TourDash use. If you think that we need to include some more information to this section, please let us know!