tour of the month | Febuary’18

TourDash tour of the month | Febuary’18

Hello there! How are you doing? We are happy to share the best tour of the last month which is Leuchie House tour. Leuchie House offers caring respite breaks for people with long term neurological conditions. The Leuchie House building is an 18th century mansion situated in a beautiful countryside area. This is a simple and nice tour with very bright photos. There are a lot of locations to visit during 3D tour, outside and inside. tour of the month | January’18

TourDash tour of the month | January’18

Hello there! The first winner tour of 2018 is here – Children’s Discovery Center tour! The center provides reliable child-care services for children from 2 up to 6 years old. In addition Children’s Discovery Center makes available valuable educational experiences, fosters growth and development in all aspects of the children’s lives. Visitors can see nice and cozy areas in the tour and walk through the whole place to make sure. tour of the month | December’17

TourDash tour of the month | December’17

Hello there! The last winner tour of 2017 is here! And this is Sohal Healthcare tour. Sohal Healthcare is a brand new, purpose-built care home, registered to provide care for the elderly and those with dementia. The home has been built to a very high specification and includes many new and modern facilities, such as a coffee shop and cinema room, which is presented in the tour. Sohal Healthcare tour is created in the. Christmas! And results of the year

Merry Christmas! And results of the year

Hello there! 2017 is coming to an end and we’ve decided  to summarize briefly the main events we’ve had this year. The most significant for TourDash there was of course the ownership transfer. As you know as of October 2017, TourDash has been lead by its Chief Technical Officer, Alex Minakov. Since then the app and all contracts have been serviced by TourDash OU, with the main office in Estonia. For those who want some more information we have. tour of the month | November’17

TourDash tour of the month | November’17

Hey guys! We really enjoy to work on this monthly project and award the best tour. Every time it’s an intrigue for us and we carefully investigate all the tours to find the one. This month we want to distinguish Merrehill tour. Merrehill is a digital marketing agency. The tour is laconic, neat and very creative! We love the idea of a corporate character – a small digital person who represents the main ideas of the.

TourDash Black Friday sale

TourDash Black Friday sale

Hello there!!! We’re absolutely exited to anounce a black friday sale which is going to be the first massive sale TourDash has ever had! From the 20th till the 26th of November all the licenses will cost 30% less! There is no special code or anything. Just go to our online store as usual and buy with the new Black Friday prices. By the way starting from the 1st of January 2018 licenses. tour of the month | October’17

TourDash tour of the month | October’17

Hello everybody! This month we found a really special tour - 鰊御殿. We haven’t understood a word but it’s awesome anyway. This is a Japanese restaurant with cozy interior. It’s very interesting to look at the Asian way of virtual tour conception. There are absolutely unusual hotspots with beautiful decorations. Take a look for some portion of inspiration. Sure you’ll enjoy exploring this tour! Need help? Visit for all of our documentation. If you.

CSS-panel is now accessible for every user

CSS-panel is now accessible for every user

Hi guys! We have a small but really nice news! Starting today you don’t need to ask some special access to use a CSS-panel. From now on the CSS-panel in TourDash editor is accessible for everybody. Advanced HTML and CSS editing gives you unlimited opportunities of your TourDash tour customization! You can use custom colors and fonts, insert a logo into a navigation menu, create a borderless designed hotspot for embedded video, merge several images into a dynamic carousel and much. tour of the month | September’17

TourDash tour of the month | September’17

Hello there! We are happy to present you a TourDash tour of September 2017 - Blakelands Country House tour. Blakelands Country House provides a venue for weddings or special occasions. It’s a great place with quit a big amount of different locations. The virtual tour shows us all the areas. And hotspots photos demostrate how those places could look like during a real celebration. The photos are live and atmospheric which makes the tour truly impressive. .

Top 3 FAQs to the TourDash support. PART 3

Top 3 FAQs to the TourDash support. PART 3

Hello everybody! In this post we answer your most frequently asked questions to our support team for the last few months. This is the third part of Top FAQs to the TourDash support posts. You can also read: Top 5 FAQs to the TourDash support. PART 1 Top 5 FAQs to the TourDash support. PART 2 Top 1. Why can’t I assign a demo tour to a client even though he has a free license? It.

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