Tour Of The Month – September 2018

Our regular “Tour Of The Month” column is back after Summer vacations! And we are happy to present you our next winner – Mangoletsi.

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Tour of the Month – January 2019

Tour of the Month

Welcome to the first TourDash tour of the month in 2019! And this month winner is University of West London – Brentford tour.

The tour is branded with deep blue color and has a number of informative and useful hotspots with information about the university. 

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TourDash tour of the month | Tells Hohle Jasse

TourDash tour of the month is back! And this month winner is Tells Hohle Jasse restaurant tour.

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TourDash tour of the month | Bluedot festival tour

Hello there! We’ve found an absolutely amazing tour of the event. We like event tours because it’s always something special and unusual. So with no doubts, this month winner is a Bluedot festival tour.

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TourDash tour of the month | March’18

Hello everybody! It’s the time for our regular column – TourDash tour of the month. As usually we’ve carefully investigated all the tours made during the last four weeks. And we are happy to present you the winner: INOXPA tour. INOXPA is a major corporation whose operations involve the manufacture and marketing of hygienic stainless steel components (pumps, agitators, blenders, valves), along with the management of processes and services focused on various industries: food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical.  Read more

License information in tour editor

Hello there! There is a small update in a TourDash editor. Now you can see what type of license you need for your tour according to the used functionality. There is a block with license information on a “Home” tab. The information is being updated in real time, so you can be aware about the necessary license for the demo tour you are working on.

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TourDash tour of the month | Febuary’18

Hello there! How are you doing? We are happy to share the best tour of the last month which is Leuchie House tour. Leuchie House offers caring respite breaks for people with long term neurological conditions. The Leuchie House building is an 18th century mansion situated in a beautiful countryside area. Read more

TourDash tour of the month | January’18

Hello there! The first winner tour of 2018 is here – Children’s Discovery Center tour! The center provides reliable child-care services for children from 2 up to 6 years old. In addition, Children’s Discovery Center makes available valuable educational experiences, fosters growth and development in all aspects of the children’s lives. Visitors can see nice and cozy areas in the tour and walk through the whole place to make sure it’s suitable for their children.
The most attractive part of the tour is huge and bright dynamic hotspots which are not possible to miss. They are nicely fit the common conception of the company and tour decoration. Hotspots windows aren’t big and contain just quick descriptions of the zones. This is good for just getting some useful information and pay more attention to the place itself with no distractions.

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TourDash tour of the month | December’17

Hello there! The last winner tour of 2017 is here! And this is Sohal Healthcare tour. Sohal Healthcare is a brand new, purpose-built care home, registered to provide care for the elderly and those with dementia. The home has been built to a very high specification and includes many new and modern facilities, such as a coffee shop and cinema room, which is presented in the tour. Read more